Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Comic Relief Piccies

Here are some pics of my 7 year old son Billy just before he went to school on Comic Relief Day. They had to dress up in something funny, so Billy's dad went to the good old pound shop and found some shorts with a bum in them. He sewed a farting toy thing into them with the switch up his sleeve so he could press it and no-one would know it was him (I don't know who was more excited - father or son!) He also wore a hat and added lots of facial hair. They had to pay a pound towards Comic Relief to dress funny and there were also races and other things put on at school. They all had a really good day and hopefully raised plenty of money.


Denise said...

Julie the pics are fab looks like he had fun.Denise x

hello gorgeous said...

Hahaha!! Julie these pics are hilarious, I bet he had a whale of a time in school farting all day!! :D xxx

Janet F said...

haha this is brilliant

Susie Sugar said...

Jow cute !! lol , what a little sweetie xx

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