Wednesday, 19 August 2009

My new crafting shed!

Here are some pics of my new shed, built especially for me to do my crafting in. I've shown it in stages from where it was going to where it's been insulated. It's since been painted inside. It's 12' x 8' and has 2 opening doors with a lock and key (already got it alarmed lol). We've added a couple of extra windows at the sides, as I felt I needed more light. We're just starting to add the furniture now which comprises of 2 old school desks which were given to me free as they were going to throw them out, which I've had to order trays for, a desk I picked up on ebay for £4.20, plus other bits of storage I've picked up along the way.
I'm just waiting for my trays and electrical sockets to come, then I've got the job of moving and sorting all my stash, which is going to take ages, but will be worth it when everything's labelled and I'll actually be able to spend more time crafting than looking for stuff.
I'll add some more pics when all my stash is in and organised.


Leanne said...

Wow, this is absolutely fab!! I would have loved a crafting shed when I lived in the UK!!
Can't wait to see pics of it with all your stash in!

Hope Jacare said...

It's so cool Julie - turning an unsightly shade of green as I type! Have fun. Cheers Claire x

maxine said...

It's coming along nicely Julie, you will soon be in there crafting away. I hope you will show us some pics of it finished. Hope you are having a lovely week.

Jane said...

wow will be great when everything is in.

Jane :0)

Nunt said...

OMG Julie, your own HOUSE for crafting? o_0 Dang, and I thought I was lucky to get a teeny-tiny room for it :D

I bet your shed is better protected than your house with all your beloved crafty stuffs in it ;)

rozzy said...

oh WOW Julie, you lucky thing. I'm so happy for you that its nearly finished. I can imagine how excited that you must be.... looking forward to seeing the piccies of the 'opening ceremony'... who's going to cut the tape :)
chat soon
hugs rozzy xx

pinky said...

Wow very spacious, the old school furniture is excellent I have some in my craft room, good and sturdy. Look forward to seeing it filled up.

The PerkyPig! said...

Ooooh looks like a fab crafting space - I can't wait to see it "finished".

Julia x

Jenni said...

Wow this is fantastic Julie - wish I had one! Look forward to seeing pics of it full of your stash and ready for action!
Jenni x

mckinkle said...

Wow, this is great! You'll have the smartest crafting station on the block! Look forward to seeing it all up and running!
Keryn :D

Cheryl said...

wow this is brilliant so much space too but i am sure you will be able to fill it he he love cheryl xxxxxxx

Neenie said...

It's huge!!!! I'm dead jealous, Julie. Have just shown it to my hubby in way of a huge hint and he's shuffled off muttering under his breath. It looks nearly as big as my garden!! Will be looking out for more piccys, so I can go even greener. May you have many years of happy crafting in there.x :D

LavenderCards said...

Looks great Julie.
There is something on my blog for you.

Chelsea said...

You are so lucky! Your very own craft are! That's wonderful, please post more pictures soon!

Lovely blog and very cute cards! :)


Anonymous said...

Ohhhh julie, you lucky lady !! This is awesome !!! I have a cupboard lol and am really jealous lol. congrats thats a fabulous place to craft
hugs June xxx

Rose said...

This is fantastic Julie, even more so when it's all finished! I look forward to seeing it all stocked up!

Rose xx

Toni44 said...

What a great place to tuck yourself away in and craft to your hearts content :o) It'll be really cosy in there I bet, have fun, Love Anne xx

sharon said...

That looks a divine place to hide and craft! inside please :)..I'm nosey you know.x

Toucan Scraps said...

I'm jealous. One day i'll get my own space

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