Friday, 23 January 2009

More Awards!

Thanks to May for the lemonade award and the Kreativ award. May said 'I would like to nominate Julie for her wonderful attitude in spite of her health problems and for her inspiring creations'. Thank you May, what a lovely thing to say. Thanks also to Rozzy for the lemonade award and the One lovely Blog award (I've added her name to the earlier post when I received the award before). It's lovely of you both to think of me, and to know we are all becoming good friends.
The lemonade award is passed on to 5 people who have shown great attitude or gratitude this week. The Kreativ award does what it says in the title. award to 5 creative people and say how they inspire you. I'm not going to pass these on, 'cos otherwise we'd be going round in circles as I'd want to award them back to the people who gave me them in the first place.


LavenderCards said...

There's something on my blog for you.

MayJay said...

Julie, Have tagged you, see my blog, this one is fun, Love, Mayxx

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