Thursday, 27 November 2008

Double Whiff of Candy!

Fran at Franmade Cards and Things is offering 2 Whiff of Joy stamps, one each to 2 winners - 'Charlie with presents' and 'Teenage Lizzie'. The first winner picks their favourite, then the next has the one that's left. These being my latest favourite stamps, I will definately be entering, and I don't mind which one I get if I win, they're both so gorgeous. Finishes Tuesday 2nd December.


nitafb said...

You have been tagged, not sure where to put this hence the comment!

June said...

Hi Julie, thanks for this :)

could i ask you a favour please ? I am about to scrap my craft blog which you are following. I wonder if you would mind going to my other blog here
and clicking to follow that one as i dont want to lose touch ?
I want to just combine the two and keep my friends.
thanks so much for being a great blog friend
Hugs June xxx

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